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The ASP architecture is a little more complicated than I've described so far. You can also build a long-lived server application that handles many different clients called an application in ASP.

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IIS 3. When a client requests new pages, NT loads them into memory, compiles and can execute the code, and returns the output if any in the HTTP response. NT then watches the disk for any pages that have changed since loading. If NT finds an updated file, it recompiles the code and replaces the code that was already in memory.

Active Server Pages

The global. Similar to the way Microsoft makes the IE object model available to VBScript hosted on the client, Microsoft gives developers a handful of useful intrinsic server objects to work with. Intrinsic server objects are always available--you do not need to load a corresponding object library. ASP includes the following five intrinsic server objects.

ASP – Active Server Pages

The Application object handles globally scoped variables, which affect all users of a given application. The Application object defines a set of application initialization and termination subroutines and provides a method for temporarily locking an application for administrative purposes or to control access to a global variable.

Session objects store information about user sessions. They control session lifetimes, maintain session-scoped variables, and provide initialization and termination subroutines each time a session is created or destroyed. Request collections generally store information parsed from the HTTP request. The Response object is the Request object's complement: It contains the information used in the HTTP response, including the body of the response, the Cookies collection, expiration and status data, and client-side redirection.

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The Server object provides a limited set of utility functions. You can develop server objects in-house or purchase them from third-party vendors. Fortunately, Microsoft decided to include a base set of application component objects with IIS 3. ActiveX Data Object. One potentially important feature of ADO is that third- party developers can use a type library to create upwardly compatible implementations of ADO that expose additional back-end database features.

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Advertisement Rotator. Many Web site designs incorporate banner areas that display constantly changing content.

Active Server Pages

It's ideal for displaying constantly changing advertising, news, or entertainment images. Individual ASP files use this object to access a list of images: The site administrator creates the list a text file and includes image information such as image size, which image files to use, and the percentage of time to display each file. Another management file maintained on the server records the number of times users click on the returned images.

Browser Capabilities. Another handy component, the Browser Capabilities component, identifies the browser type entered in the HTTP header and creates an object with read-only properties for the browser's capabilities e. The component examines a table-based feature list of known browsers to get the object's properties.

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The feature list is a simple text file that you can easily maintain as new browsers are introduced into the marketplace. Content Linking. Content Linking, another component originally created for MSN News, enables navigation among multiple pages in a long composition, such as online documentation or a lengthy news story. A simple text file stores a table of filename pairs: Navigating forward or backward retrieves the following or previous page, accordingly. The advantage of this technique is that someone other than a developer can maintain the composition.