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The Circle of Concern and Influence

Do we even care about Mae? And finally Annie, the onetime friend who drew her into the Circle: Mae wants to triumph over her and push her out, again to disastrous effect. The final scene is chilling. Mae, then, is not a victim but a dull villain. Her motivations are teenage-Internet petty: getting the highest ratings, moving into the center of the Circle, being popular.

She is more a high school mean girl than an evil opponent. Perhaps this is what Eggers wants to say: that evil in the future will look more like the trivial Mae than it will the hovering dark eye of Big Brother. If so, he should have worked much harder to express this profound thought.

The characters need substance; Mae must be more than a cartoon.

There is an early scene in which Mae could have become a rounded character, one we might worry about. It is her first day on the job.

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During the introductory formalities, she is asked if she would like to hand over her old laptop for responsible recycling. But Mae hesitates. That this is a fast track system to radically alter ones experiences and perceptions and make some extreme transformations in ones identity and cognition cannot be denied by anyone who has undertaken the practical work described. The writings of Kenneth Grant are recently inspiring and informing a fairly large movement in the Satanist and Setian circles where they are rapidly changing the terrain and what can be expected from these traditions.

Outside of these circles several rather wonderful traditions and orders have sprung up directly in response to these writings and the strange and pioneering practitioners are beginning to make serious inroads into altering consensus reality in some very significant ways.

Advanced information about circles (Geometry, Circles) – Mathplanet

It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out. All of the works in the Typhonian Trilogies are wonderful and transformative in their own right and this book is no different. It is a shame that recent publishers are seeking to exploit the niche market and are demanding rather unreasonable prices for these great works as this limits access to them and keeps these ideas somewhat contained.

Well worth reading. Highly recommended.

Out Of Control - Outside The Circles Of Time 017 (13 - 02 - 2015) ●ૐ●•

May 24, Gaze Santos rated it liked it. Very much a continuation of ideas explored in The Magickal Revival. This book seeks to explore and prove the idea that we are living in a double current: The Aeon of Horus as ushered in by Aleister Crowley, and the Aeon of Maat, first introduced by Crowley's magickal son Charles Stanfield Jones.

Grant goes to a third source to try and prove this. Nema's books, here referred to as Soror Andahadna, Liber Pannae Praenumbra and her Book of the Forgotten Ones, are often referred to as current proof o Very much a continuation of ideas explored in The Magickal Revival. Nema's books, here referred to as Soror Andahadna, Liber Pannae Praenumbra and her Book of the Forgotten Ones, are often referred to as current proof of the double Aeon.

Grant points to interesting similarities between the works of the three and makes a somewhat convincing case. Although as usual, I do find his use of Gematria to be rather suspect, he raises some interesting ideas that should be taken with generous heaps of salt. This is a book of Magickal philosophy more than anything, and it is very speculative. I admire the audacity of the speculations, if not their overall scholarship. Dec 08, Richard rated it it was ok. Robert Plimer rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Kristine Beskin rated it really liked it Apr 01, Leon Sandler rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Rex Ross rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Jasun Horsley rated it really liked it Oct 13, Scott rated it really liked it Nov 12, GregBeville rated it really liked it Dec 18, Vasilis rated it really liked it Apr 09, Hugh rated it liked it Jun 17, Todd R rated it it was ok Mar 29, Joshua Randall rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Nalyd Khezr rated it it was amazing May 17, Al Park rated it liked it Nov 27, Ariock rated it it was amazing May 22, Ville rated it liked it May 11, Marek ChoronZone rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Elizabeth O'Neill rated it really liked it May 11, Eoin Keith rated it liked it Jan 12, Konstantinos rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Alex Caird rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Furthermore, it is very often in the suggestion of certain words not used, yet indicated or employed by other words having no direct relation to them, that produce the most precise definitions.

The edifice of a reality-construct may sometimes be reared only by an architecture of absence, whereby the real building is at one and the same time revealed and concealed by an alien structure haunted by probabilities.

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These are legion, and it is the creative faculty of the reader — awake and active — that can people the house with souls. So then, this book may mean many things to many readers, and different things to all; but to none can it mean nothing at all, for the house is constructed in such a manner that no echo can be lost. First published in by Muller, the Starfire edition is limited to copies, and getting harder to find than the original!

This edition features a new frontispiece, a section of twenty-six plates, and illustrated endpapers. This guarantees safe and unspoiled arrival.

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